Magento upsell , cross sell and related product.

Being new to magento it’s little difficult to understand and confusing if you know know these terms like what is upsell?, what is cross sell? and what is related product? and how they work. The basic question is how do i set up product relations?. In this blog i will try to share little information on these terms so that it will help you to add product more effectively. These terms are sounds difficult for newbie

What is Up sell ?
These product are items that customers would ideally buy instead of the product they’re viewing. Reason could be they might be better quality, a higher profit margin, more popular, etc. Upsell products appear on the product info page according to magento default theme.

what is cross sell?
Cross sell items appear in the shopping cart section. When a customer navigates to the shopping cart. This can happen automatically after adding a product. The cross-sells block displays a selection of items marked as cross-sells to the product added in the cart. They are a bit like impulse buys e.g. different magazines, candy at the cash registers in grocery stores.

what is related product?
Related products appear in the product info page in the right column. Related products are meant to be purchased in addition to the item the customer is viewing.

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