jquery cycle plugin advance examples

For basic please refer jquery cycle examples.

When I came across this plugin and simple example first thing came to my minde that how to add “previous and Next” Button in slide show, so lets do it. I am using same HTML Code & CSS style used in “JQuery Cycle Plugin – Basic Example 2”. Please refer that so that you can understand.

CSS Style for previous and Next buttona long with configuration.

Example 1: jQuery cycle plugin previous and Next links for slider.

    fx:     'fade',
    speed:  'fast',
    timeout: 0,
    next:   '#next',
    prev:   '#prev'

Example 2: jQuery cycle plugin auto rotation. hover to pause, click to see next image.

    fx:     'fade',
    speed:   300,
    timeout: 3000,
    next:   '#s3',
    pause:   1

Example 3: jQuery cycle plugin – show numeric pagination.


Quick Tips

/* How to stop slide show  */
/* How to pause slide show  */
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