Drupal 7 multilanguage site

drupal 7 multilanguage site is very easy job, One should know proper steps and set of modules required for this.
Step 1. Enable core “Content translation” and “Locale” module
– Install “Internationalization module”
Now Go to the modules (admin/build/modules) and in Core – optional section enable
– Locale modules & Content translation modules

Step 2. Now lets go to menu Home » Administration » Configuration » Regional and language
2.1 Select Langauge tab
2.2 Add arabic/hindi/marathi/ language menu

Step 3. Go to Home » Administration » Structure
1. Select Block tab
2. find Language Switcher block in block list and assign it into any region
3. Check it at frontend whether it displays or not

Step 4. Download i18n-7.x-1.7.tar module and variable-7.x-2.1.tar module
1. unzip it into site/all/modules/
2. Go to Modules and install both module into drupal
3. Now create content and there menus it will work successfully

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