how to assign different template for page wordpress

This blog will guide on how to assign different template for page wordpress or different template for each page in wordpress. Yes its possible and really simple way to do this. After reading this blog you will be surprised on it’s so easy. Quick and easy steps for creating custom template file for wordpress page. […]

best wordperss tips and tricks

This blog is all about basics of wordpress i.e. best wordperss tips and tricks, In wordpress there are two different type of hooks 1) Action : These are to be called on certain event. 2) Filter : filters are mainly used while adding data into the database, pulling data from database and before showing them […]

create admin menu in wordpress

Lets learn how to create admin menu in wordpress. Before we move ahead, you need to review my previous blog which is , you must be wondering why, because in previous blog I have created one table which we are referring in this blog; sorry for the back and forth. Step 1: Copy the code […]

How to create table in wordpress

This blog will guide you through on how to create table in wordpress dynamically. While writing this blog i am presuming that you know the basics of creating the plug-in. If you are not clear then you can refer the wordpress hello word plugin tutorial so that you can create the plug-in file inside plug-in […]

How to get other posts from same category in wordpress?

Being new to the wordpress its very difficult to add something new like showing other post from same category. I gave attempt to install few plugins but finally i got very good solution. Which’s is again quick and easy trick ;). So let’s move to topic how to get other posts from same category in […]

How to create sitemap in wordpress

Create wordpress sitemaps in three easy steps.  More details about are as follows. Step 1: Locate to your WordPress current theme folder and make a copy of the page.php file, rename the new one is sitemap.php. Step 2:  Edit sitemap.php file and replace with following code and save the file. <h3>Site Map</h3> <h3>Feeds</h3> <ul> <ul> […]