Install apache php and mysql on ubuntu

It’s just matter of executing few set of commands on ubuntu. Let’s learn how to install apache php and mysql on ubuntu. Step 1 : Install Apache2 Execute following command on terminal sudo apt-get install apache2 Step 2 : Open up any web browser and add “http://localhost”. It will show you default apache index page. […]

How to reset mysql root user password

This blog will guide you on how to reset myql root user password. Quick and easy four steps to Set / change / reset the MySQL root password on Ubuntu Linux. Step 1: Presumming mysql process is running now stop the mysql server by executing following command. sudo /etc/init.d/mysql stop Step 2: Now start the […]

How To Set Up MySQL Database Replication

In this tutorial i will try to describes how to set up mysql database replication. It’s simple process; MySQL replication allows you to have an exact copy of a database from a master server on slave server. It means all updates happening on the master server are immediately replicated to the slave server database so […]

mysql installation

This blog is dedicated for mysql installations and settings on ubuntu operating system. I love ubuntu so all the settings mentioned bellow are tested on ubuntu. It also covers few more basic tricks on configure like enable mysql error log. Run the following command prompt to install MySQL. sudo apt-get install mysql-server While installation you […]