Magento – using jQuery

While developing the new website in magento I found, magento using prototype as a default javascript library. My problem was I had to learn and my biggest problem was time crunch. I decided to add Jquery in in which i was good. so i decided using Magento using jQuery combination. I started the integration later […]

jquery – Equal Height Columns

Using jQuery, you can easily equalize the heights of any group of elements.  Below code will equalize all div height which has class= eqheight Code: <script type=”text/javascript”> $(function() { var maxHeight = 0; $(‘div.eqheight’).each(function(){ if (maxHeight < $(this).height()) {maxHeight = $(this).height()} }); $(‘div.eqheight’).each(function(){ $(this).height(maxHeight); }); });

jquery elipsis – dotdotdot plugin

jQuery.dotdotdot is an advanced cross-browser ellipsis for multiple line content. It adds an ellipsis after cut off text to indicate that there is more text than currently visible. Not only on a single line of content, but also particularly on multiple lines of content. To use add jquery library and script file in header and on […]

How to detect the OS using jquery

It is very easy to detect the OS using jquery. Below are jqury function that may help you. $(‘#osInfo’).html(“Your OS is: <b>” + $.client.os + “</b>”); //To detect Mac OS: if((navigator.platform.indexOf(“Mac”) != -1)) { // code } $.browser.linux(); $.browser.mac(); $;   To Detect Browser and browser version:   /* ===== Firefox ===== */   // […]

Accordion menus examples – jquery

jQuery accordion menus help add more content without sacrificing white space, leading to more usable and attractive user interface design navigation, sliding, minimizing and maximizing content. I listed below useful JQuery Accordion Menus collection for you to get started using accordion menus in your own projects. you can improve your design to be user friend, […]

jQuery wrap elements – wrapinner()

.wrapinner() method is used to wrap the inner child contents of each matched element (including text nodes) with an HTML structure. The below example we Selects all paragraphs and wraps a bold tag around each of its contents. $(document).ready(function(){ $(“p”).wrapInner(““); });  

jQuery Cheat Sheet

jQuery is the most popular java script library is used in today. jQuery Visual Cheat Sheet is an useful guide are printable document, designed to provide a quick reference . These cheat sheets save your time and energy. jQuery 1.5 Visual Cheat Sheet Article : jQuery 1.3 cheat sheet wallpaper Article : jQuery […]

jquery Modal Dialog Boxes

In Websites modal dialog boxes are often required to quickly interact with users without reloading the whole page. The following is a list of jQuery Popup Modal Dialog Plugins and Tutorials. I hope you will find this list useful. jQuery UI Dialog :jQuery UI has always been my favorite tool for creating custom and rich User Interface. […]