jQuery – check whether an element in the DOM is hidden/Visible

jQuery makes easy to determine if an element is visible or hidden with .is() function or you can use the “hidden” and “visible” selectors. HTML: Hello World! Script: HTML: Script: if ($(‘#myId:visible’).length > 0) console.log(‘the element is visible’); else console.log(‘the element is not visible’); ——–or —– if( $(‘#myDiv’).is(‘:visible’)) { // it’s visible, do something } […]

Popular Javascript frameworks

JavaScript is an object-oriented client-side scripting language. There are many Frameworks floating on the internet. Creating attractive websites with its awesome features, providing user interface developers using several javascript frameworks. There are some popular frameworks, which do you prefer? jQuery Dojotoolkit Developer.Yahoo Prototype JS Mootools ExtJS Adobe Spry-Ajax Framework JavaScriptMVC-javaScript Framework Sproutcore Qooxdoo Script.aculo.us Midori […]

Tips to Write Better jQuery code

Here are few tips that will help you write better way to write jQuery code. 1. Always Descend From an #id (The fastest selector in jQuery is the ID selector because jQuery uses the browser’s native method, getElementByID(), to retrieve the object, resulting in a very fast query.) 2. Give your Selectors a Context (By […]

An Icon Search Engine

If you are looking for icons for for website use, you can use icon search engine. These search ingine are simple as type in the keyword, search and get the results.They have the most powerful search function and the largest icon database. Popular Search engine List: IconFinder.net IconLook.com IconLet.com VeryIcon.com IconSeeker.com