Angular2 how to setup local environment

Hello friends, here are the 3 easy quick steps to setup, if you are absolute beginner. Quick and easy steps on how to setup angular2 locally. Step 1: download code from and unzip and keep code in local folder ( lets say ngmaster is folder name has all files.). Step2 : Once extracted code […]

PHP – MySQL and Unicode solution to marathi, Chinese, or any language

Its very simple and easy stuff, if you follow things as mentioned bellow. You may find same kind of code shared by other developer. This blog explains PHP – MySQL and Unicode solution to marathi, hindi, gujarathi,Chinese, rashiyan or any other regional languages. Step 1: Most important is when you make database connection you have […]

How To Set Up MySQL Database Replication

In this tutorial i will try to describes how to set up mysql database replication. It’s simple process; MySQL replication allows you to have an exact copy of a database from a master server on slave server. It means all updates happening on the master server are immediately replicated to the slave server database so […]

Email Newsletters design tips

CSS support in email client is limited and worse than IE6. For example, background image is not support by outlook 2007/10, Windows Live Hotmail and Gmail. So, you need to know what’s supported. Keep the Design Simple Forget all your best practices for CSS Use tables for layout : Because clients like Gmail and Outlook 2007 […]